Nvidia CEO adds to poor forecasts for components in 2022: “We have no magic solutions”

Nvidia CEO adds to poor forecasts for components in 2022: "We have no magic solutions"

The component crisis in the electronics and technology industry is creating a veritable unit shortage for many products. The CEO of Intel acknowledged a few weeks ago that this situation aimed to last until 2023 and the latest news does not improve the outlook.

Nintendo acknowledged that it will reduce its production of consoles by 1.5 million units, a line that has also followed with PS5. Another of the most affected markets is that of graphics cards and it has been the CEO of , Jensen Huang, who has ensured that this crisis will last even longer.

“I believe that during the next year, the demand will far exceed the supply. We do not have magic solutions to navigate the supply chain,” explains the manager to Yahoo. However, he adds that they have sufficient supply routes, even in a context as complicated as this.

“We have the support of our suppliers. We are fortunate to have multiple sources and that our supply chain is diverse and our company is quite large, so we have the support of a great ecosystem around us.”

The demand is so great that the few units of any product will run out in a matter of minutes. A decrease in such demanding demand could alleviate the situation, but Huang does not believe this will happen in the future.

“People are starting to build more and more workplaces from home because their home is now their office. And when they are at home, they prefer to have a permanent system. I think these are permanent conditions, and we will see that new PCs will be built during a lot of time.”